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SplitSage Assessment:

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Improve Reaction Time

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​​​​Visual Ergonomics

​Using Patented Science & Technology From MIT.

An eye exam tests your vision and measures your ability to focus on an object clearly. SplitSage tests your cognition and measures how much and where you can perceive objects across your field of view.

That means we measure when and where your brain catches up with your eyes and registers that those objects are there. Some people can see twice as good on one side of their vision than the other. Ever wonder why the quarterback didn't throw to the open player? 

Our eyes are constantly darting around taking in the scene in front of us in small pieces. With each split-second we only see a few objects at time while our brain pieces them together into an illusion where we see everything simultaneously. Think of your brain like a gas tank and the objects around you like gas. Once your gas tank is full, no more is getting in. It simply spills to the ground until your brain frees up space a split-second later to take in more. 

It wasn't that the quarterback didn't see the player, it's that they didn't perceive the player because they were in their perceptual blind spot.