Did you know that 70% of accidents happen near home? One reason is that our brains are subconsciously trying to help us when we don't even realize it. The objects on the road, information on the car's display and your phone are all competing for just a tiny bit of space in our brains. Once we get to a familiar place, our brains try to help us by saying, "Hey, I've seen this before, let me start with an old picture and try to see what's changed." Unfortunately, sometimes in those few split-seconds, there's a car or person in our perceptual blind spot

Sounds weird right? But it's our brains that do most of the critical tasks for us and we don't even realize it. Right now you aren't consciously breathing, blinking or pumping your blood. Our brains are constantly working for us behind the scenes and this cognitive short cut is what can lead to an accident. 

SplitSage identifies where those blind spots are, which can allow us to make a few behavioral changes while you're driving that can significantly improve your safety. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help keep you and your loved ones a little bit safer. 

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