For years, companies, governments and military have focused on collecting as much data as possible. One of their biggest problems is how they can use it. Can we automate? Can we predict? Can we make it actionable? Can we display more?

Technologies like AI, IoT and computer vision are crucial. SplitSage focuses on the people who use that technology. Your people. Your customers. 

Often times, some of the most critical tasks are handled by people and human error can be costly. Whether at a desk looking at a monitor or operating a vehicle with a Heads-Up-Display, we can identify behavioral changes and user interface designs that can increase effectiveness and improve safety. 

Please contact us to learn more about how our assessments can help you get more from your technology and improve the experience for those who use it. 

You've Invested In Technology.

Now Invest In The People. 

Increase Effectiveness

Maximize Information Throughput

Reduce Mistakes

Increase Safety


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