When you only have a split-second to react, knowing where you can perceive things faster in your field of vision is crucial.

People think they see the world around them like a camera with a wide angle lens. Not true. We all have different capacities to see things on our left versus right half of our field of vision and can even have biases up or down. 

In split-second situations, our brains can only take in so much information at once. SplitSage provides you a visual heat map, like an eye prescription, so you can know where your strengths and weakness are. Everyone is different. 

​Driving is a multitask environment. Matching the environment to the driver's cognitive abilities can reduce accidents. Place cell phones and GPS units, safety alerts and HUD data where information can be maximized with minimal distractions. 

Identify Blind Spots and Sweet Spots in Your Field of Vision