Identify Blind Spots and Sweet Spots in Your Field of Vision




When you only have a split-second to react, knowing where you can perceive things faster in your field of vision is crucial.

People think they see the world around them like a camera with a wide angle lens. Not true. We all have different capacities to see things on our left versus right half of our field of vision.

In split-second situations, our brains can only take in so much information at once. SplitSage provides you a visual heat map, like an eye prescription, so you can know where your strengths and weakness are. Everyone is different. 

In other words, a quarterback might be able to see an open receiver better on the left side of the field versus the right. A goalie might be able to react faster to a shot depending on their gaze.Players can now compensate to see more and miss less. Teams can position players to maximize their effectiveness. ​