Cognitive assessments from the comfort of your own home. 

Creating optimal workspaces using patented science and technology from MIT.

You work hard. 

Give yourself the best opporunity to succeed.

our work environment as a professional or a student can create a burden on your cognitive function, which is our brain’s engine for decision making, attention, reaction time, learning, remembering, and problem solving. 

Your brain has a limitation with how much visual information it can take in at once. Everyone’s capacity is different and is a significant driver of how effective you are at your job.

​Matching work environments to individual’s unique cognition reduces the tax on their brains. This allows for improved decision making, improved multitasking and a more comfortable and effective workspace.


Adjusting your gaze and how you scan through data can reduce the amount of things missed. Rearranging the location of critical data and alerts to an individual's cognitive sweet spots and blind spots can increase performance and accuracy. 

The placement of things in your work environment as well as where you sit in a conference room or classroom has a direct impact on your ability to pay attention and retain information. 

​You've invested in technology, now it's time to invest in the people using it. 


Optimal Workspaces Based On Your Cognition


Virtual ergonomic assessments using patented science and technology from MIT.

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