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Ryan Greenspan On Zoom

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If you want to understand how we can help improve your game you can read a write up by Ryan on his website www.ryangreenspan.com/splitsage

We identified Ryan Greenspan's blind spot to help him get an extra edge on the field. We help the military see more and miss less in split-second situations. Now let us help you.

An eye exam measures your ability to focus. We measure how much and how fast you can perceive things across your field of vision. A patented test discovered at MIT, just like an eye exam, can identify where your brain creates blind spots in your field of vision by showing you images and having you identify what's changed. You can now take the same test that Ryan took right from your own computer via Zoom. The test takes less than 10 minutes and Ryan will join the Zoom meeting and talk with you about your results! That's right. The world's most winningest paintball player and the MVP of the 2020 World Cup wants to help improve the sport you love and more importantly help you improve