SplitSage Pilot

SplitSage Assessment

SplitSage Platform

The SplitSage platform is an analytic engine that uses a combination of software, eye tracking and cloud based analytics. The same platform that we use with our customers can be integrated into your product or leveraged in a security process. 

No matter what your problem is, we'll help you see past it.

We can cater to your unique needs and perform a pilot study using SplitSage tools. Before licensing on an ongoing basis, let us show you just how much impact we can make on your personnel, customers and users. 


Assessments utilize the SplitSage platform to provide critical information to our customers. We can identify blind spots and sweet spots in people's line of sight. This information can then be used to allow that individual to compensate to see more and miss less either out in the field or while looking at displays. Assessments can also identify changes in cognition on an ongoing basis which is critical for identifying if someone is safe and fit to do their job or if a therapeutic intervention is working.