We can cater to your unique needs and perform a pilot study using SplitSage tools. Before licensing on an ongoing basis, let us show you just how much impact we can make on your personnel, customers and users. 


SplitSage Pilot

SplitSage Assessment

We will test individuals and identify where their strengths and weaknesses are in their line of sight. Select recruits, teams and their roles based on each member's unique profile. Incorporate this information into training. Increase their effectiveness. Ensure their safety as well as others. It is our honor to help police as well as members of our armed forces.  The SplitSage process can also be used to assess cognitive function to ensure job readiness and to test the effects of interventions on cognition.

SplitSage Platform

The SplitSage platform is an analytic engine that helps tailor displays to each individual. The cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates into any website or mobile device to maximize what they see and minimize what they miss. SplitSage can also be integrated into existing platforms using APIs to tailor Heads-up displays on vehicles and aircraft, drones or tablets and other displays for military to use in missions. Whenever you need to know where someone is looking, SplitSage will be watching. 

No matter what your problem is, we'll help you see past it.