April 2017

Dr. Miller is elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 


Using neuroscience to improve safety, enhance performance, increase revenue and drive excellence

October 2016

Dr. Miller wins Goldman-

​Rakic prize in cognitive neuroscience

November 2014

Dr. Miller quoted in Fox News

  • Online & Mobile Advertisement

Increase revenue by customizing the placement of products and ads to each individuals cognitive sweet spots. Don't standardize, individualize. Know where each user will pay attention.

November 2012

The Pope brings Dr. Miller and other leading scientists to the Vatican

May 2012

Dr. Miller quoted on CNN

  • HUD - Heads Up Display

Maximize information with minimal distractions. Reduce accidents by tailoring each display to each individual operator. 

Februray 2016

CNET article about Bose funding Dr. Miller's research

January 2016

Dr. Miller on the Today Show

Problems that we solve

  • Sports Performance

He's wide open! Couldn't he see him down the field? Allow your quarterback to scan the field better, your batter to identify the pitch faster and your goalie to be ready in front of a screen. Get better performance and an edge over your competition. 

October 2013

Dr. Miller Live on Huffington Post

  • Situational Awareness

Rearrange the location of key data based on the operators cognitive sweet spots and blind spots. Match monitoring data and alerts to where the operator won't miss things. Improve the performance of drone pilots as well as the monitoring of Just In Time Information in command centers. 

  • Video Gaming

Personalize a gamer's experience by knowing how their brain impacts how they play. Deliver a game unique to each individual. Introduce items where each player is more or less likely to see them. 

June 2011

Dr.Miller in Discover magazine

Decemeber 2016

Fortune Magazine article with Dr. Miller explaining multitasking

  • Safety and Effectiveness

Test each individual and identify the cognitive blind spots and sweet spots in their line of sight. Whether engaging a crowd, rounding a corner, opening a door, driving a vehicle or simply looking at someone, we'll be able to ensure they more accurately see what's in front of them. Build upon each person's strengths and address their weaknesses to improve performance and safety of law enforcement and military personnel.

March 2014

NPR turns to Dr. Miller on the safety of Google Glass and driving


​​Did you know that your ability to see,  pay attention, and remember is not the same everywhere in your line of sight? New ground breaking science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has proven that our brains create our own individual  cognitive blind spots and sweet spots. SplitSage's Split Second Analytics profile each person's unique abilities. 

September 2016

Discover Magazine article about how Dr. Miller changed working memory